French Multiculturalism on the Example of the Activities of the High Council for Integration (1990—2012)
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French Multiculturalism on the Example of the Activities of the High Council for Integration (1990—2012)
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Evgeny Osipov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
In recent years, a large number of articles and books on problems of integration of foreigners, interethnic and interreligious contradictions, ethnic communitarianism and religious radicalism in different countries have been written in the world science and the media. And almost always it is noted that such problems actually have no solution, that any state policy in such matters is doomed to failure. In this regard, it’s very interesting to analyze the activities of the French High Council for Integration, which from 1990 to 2012 had to work out at a professional level ways to solve the problem. The article is based on the reports of the High Council for Integration, which were not the subject of a special study in Russian or foreign historiography. They make it possible to trace the evolution of the formation of France's integration policy, to reveal the difficulties faced by the Fifth Republic, and to evaluate possible options for overcoming them. Particular attention is paid in the article to the proposals that the High Council for Integration put forward on the Islamic issue and on the problem of integration of migrants of different generations in school.
France, integration, Islam, school, identity, migrants
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The article was prepared with the support of the grant of the Russian Science Foundation No. 15-18-00135 P
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