Inaccuracy in Details or Precisely Calculated Deception? Construction of Ideal Tyrant in Thomas More “History of Richard III”
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Inaccuracy in Details or Precisely Calculated Deception? Construction of Ideal Tyrant in Thomas More “History of Richard III”
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Elena Braun 
Occupation: Assistant Professor
Affiliation: Russian State University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The purpose of this article is to reconstruct and analyze methods and technics, which Thomas More applied to turn Richard III into ideal tyrant. The analysis revealed five methods of distortion: transformation of Richard’ appearance; demonization of king’s character and soul; legalization of evil rumors; denigration of Richard’s confidants; revision of conventional conception that before his brother’s death Richard Gloucester was loyal vassal and respected man. In first three cases Thomas More used traditional and even standard for renaissance historiography technics. In two last — technics acceptable only in fiction, drama or political pamphlet. Indisputably More’s text is precisely calculated deception, but because of its literary skill, artfully composition and because More’s Richard III perfectly fits into the stereotypical image of ideal tyrant, in this case the credibility is more convincing than the truth.
Thomas More, Richard III, Tudor myth, Wars of the Roses
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