Great Britain and the Planned “Export” of the Bolshevik Revolution to the West in 1920
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Great Britain and the Planned “Export” of the Bolshevik Revolution to the West in 1920
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Evgeny Sergeev 
Institute of World History RAS
State Academic University for the Humanities
Russian State University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article considers key points of the British policy towards Russia at the stage of the regular aggravation of bilateral relations, caused by the culmination of the armed conflict between Moscow and Warsaw in the summer of 1920. As the author shows, it is in this particular period the Bolshevik leaders developed plans to “export” the revolution to the countries of Central-Eastern Europe on the bayonets of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army. As a result, both sides — British and Soviet — failed to fully achieve their goals: although the spread of Bolshevism to the West was stopped, the stability of the region for the future was not secured, which two decades later led to the emergence of the Second World War.
Civil War, intervention, Soviet-Polish War, Soviet-British relations, Lenin, Lloyd George, Curzon
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