King George V and Tsar Nicholas II: on the History of the Murder of the Royal Family
King George V and Tsar Nicholas II: on the History of the Murder of the Royal Family
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Galina Ostapenko 
Occupation: Senior Research Fellow
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article characterizes personalities of the British king George V and Russian Tsar Nicolas II. The assessment of their Board is given. The differences between constitutional powers and their role in the First world war of Nicolas II and George V are emphasized. Much attention is paid to contacts between representatives of British and Provisional governments on the granting of political asylum to the deposed tsar Nicolas II and his family. Based on the research of British historians and new data author of article comes to the conclusion that the responsibility for refusing of political asylum to the Russian Tsar and his family lies with George V. Image of “bloody” Russian ruler, formed in Britain, and the rise of anti-monarchist sentiments in 1917 plunged the King in confusion. Fearing accusation of sympathy for the overthrown Russian monarch and fearing for the fate of his throne and the Royal dynasty, George abandoned his previous intention to accept his cousin Tsar Nicolas and his family in the United Kingdom.
King George V, Tsar Nicolas II, February revolution, Provisional government, monarchy, Duma, political asylum, abdication
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