Thomas More and “the Princes in the Tower”: Secrets of Successful Myth-Making
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Thomas More and “the Princes in the Tower”: Secrets of Successful Myth-Making
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Elena Braun 
Affiliation: Russian State University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article analyzes the creation of legend about tragic death of “The Princes in the Tower”. For centuries everyone believed that Richard III ordered to kill his nephews and that the murder was committed exactly as it was described by Thomas More. Now we know that More’s text is not ‘history’ at all, it can be described as moralizing or philosophical drama. The main purpose of this article - discover the methods which Thomas More used to convert an obviously unreliable story into conscientious historical writing. The author suppose that the main secret of success should be found not in the content but in the form of More’s work. Thomas More transformed history into drama, addressed mainly to feelings, makes the reader empathize and believe.
Thomas More, Princes in the Tower, Tudor myth, Edward V, Richard III
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