USSR and the Rebels of the Eastern Congo, 1964—1965 (Based on the Documents Contained in the Russian Foreign Policy Archive)
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USSR and the Rebels of the Eastern Congo, 1964—1965 (Based on the Documents Contained in the Russian Foreign Policy Archive)
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Sergey Mazov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Drawing on the recently declassified archival sources, the author closely examines the evolution of the Soviet policy towards the Simba rebellion in eastern Congo (1964—1965), contacts between the Soviet representatives and insurgent leaders, the nature and the volume of the Soviet aid, and the situation inside the rebel movement. The Soviet Union did not provide real assistance to the Simba until the Cold War adversaries crossed the red line — carried out direct military intervention in eastern Congo. The USSR delivered weapons and military supplies to Algeria, Ghana, the United Arab Republic and Tanzania for the arming and equipping of 18,000 combatants. 320 Congolese went to the USSR for military training. The Soviet leadership refrained from directly interfering in the Congo or sending military advisers to it.
Cold War, the Congo Crisis (1960—1965), Simba rebellion, the Soviet policy in Africa
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