Mythologization of the History of Russia in British Liberal Periodicals of the mid-19th Century
Mythologization of the History of Russia in British Liberal Periodicals of the mid-19th Century
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Anton Turlygin 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The press likes to create myths. In it, you can often see a lawsuit looking at the past, especially if it is the past of another country or people. If the reading public was ready to assimilate such an interpretation of events, a distorted view gets disseminated in society. Stereotypes form and become stable. The article is dedicated to the myths about the history of Russia, which can be found in the British liberal journals of the 1850s. The author considers the views of the Britain’s liberals on the nature and origin of the autocracy, on Russian tsars and their morals, on the history of foreign policy and the level of development of civilization in Russia. The main reasons for the demand for myths about the history of Russia are revealed.
history of Britain, historical myths, images of Russia, liberalism, quarter-lies
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