The “Crisis” of English Liberalism and Right-wing Liberals at the Turn of the 19th — 20th Centuries
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The “Crisis” of English Liberalism and Right-wing Liberals at the Turn of the 19th — 20th Centuries
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Tamara Gella 
Affiliation: Orel State University
Address: Russian Federation, Orel
An article is devoted to the history of the Liberal Party of Great Britain at the turn of the 19th — 20th century. In article the questions of “crisis” of liberalism after defeat of the Liberal Party at the parliamentary elections in 1895, the development of new program provisions by party’s leaders are brought up. In the center of attention of the author is the analysis of views and positions of the right-wing liberals on the solution of a working question in the context of the ideology of liberal-imperialism which has gained development at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.
the Liberal Party, liberal-imperialists, lord Rosebery, “national efficiency”, a working question
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