France. 1983—1989. From the March for Equality to the Case of the Muslim Scarf
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France. 1983—1989. From the March for Equality to the Case of the Muslim Scarf
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Evgeny Osipov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History. State Academic University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
In the article, on the example of two events — the March for equality and against racism in 1983 and the case of the Muslim scarf in the college of Creil 1989 – the author analyzes the process of the gradual transformation of the “migration issue” in France into a “migration problem”, which eventually became one of the central in the life of the Fifth Republic. If in 1983 the Arab youth fought like Martin Luther King for equal opportunities and for the right to be a full member of French society, in 1989 it was not a national, but a religious minority represented by “second-generation migrants” who fought for the right to “differ” and for the inclusion of Islamic norms and traditions in everyday republican life. The article shows both internal and foreign policy reasons that led to the failure of the traditional for France policy of assimilation of migrants and the transition to the slogan of integration.
March for equality and against racism, the case of the Muslim scarf, migrants, Islam, assimilation, integration
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