Property and Financial Obligations of the Englishmen (end of the 16th — First Third of the 17th Century)
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Property and Financial Obligations of the Englishmen (end of the 16th — First Third of the 17th Century)
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Vladimir Mitrofanov 
Affiliation: Penza State University
Address: Russian Federation, Penza
The article deals with the practice of correlation financial obligations of subjects of the English kingdom during the end of the 16th — first third of the 17th century to the dimensions of their movable and immovable property, referred in the sources as “land” and “goods”. Using data from materials of Norfolk County, the article discusses the relationship between the size of property, both in the land category and goods, with payments for subsidies, loans, levies for militia counties, and maintenance of paupers. Specific data on the amount of the imposed subsidy on various categories of the population of a number of hundreds and church parishes are given. There are facts of review by officials of the initial amounts of taxation on subsidies for movable property and lands. Significant amounts of loans were unaffordable for many owners, which forced the authorities to seek new ways of placing them among subjects. It is noted the desire of citizens in various ways to understate the size of their property in either version, or even to hide it from royal officials, in order to reduce the size of their payment for these financial obligations. The monetary charges for keeping the paupers were not so significant and were not strictly tied to the size of movable and immovable property. Formally, they were paid by all the owners. The tendency of subjects to evade this duty is traced. The existing system of cash payments of subjects on their financial obligations could negatively affect their private enterprise activity.
Property, land, goods, subsidies, loans, charges for armament, paupers, Bacon, Privy Council
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