On “Butt” of Bio-Sub-Epochs and on “Overlap” of Archaeological Sub-Epochs
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On “Butt” of Bio-Sub-Epochs and on “Overlap” of Archaeological Sub-Epochs
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It is noted that not everyone in successive steps of object arbitrary species development could represent as joined in “butt” (in succession being replaced, displacing predecessor). If developing object is the sequence being replaced — by means of chain (replacement) generations — relatively short-lived basic components, then the complicated scheme, combining related components of life-cycle steps-stages in “overlap” (in parallels and synchronously) appears more than. Is exemplified of such associations: archaeological sub-epochs in “overlap” and their prehistory bio-sub-epochs — in “butt”.
archaeological epoch, archaeological sub-epoch, bio-sub-epoch, development, evolution, generations butt, generations overlap, subject-individual, cognition of archaeological epoch substance
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