On “Super-Organisms” of Archaeological Epoch
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On “Super-Organisms” of Archaeological Epoch
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It is noted that the concepts “development” and “evolution/involution” as processes do not exist by themselves, but always referred to corresponding object: developing, evolving, in evolving. To “archaeological sub-epochs” development process corresponds the object, which with holistic-organicist position may be called “super-organism”. Precisely “super-organisms (of archaeological epoch)” are being born, are developing up to peak of its “meridian” and bear their successors, then wear out, extinguished and, finally, come off with historic arena — at the same time with the advent of own “grandson” (of successor of successor). It is pointed out that the commonness of these processes occurs clearer in surveying of them in logarithmic time-scale.
holism, organicism, super-organism, archaeological epoch, logarithmic scale, self-controlling Humankind's system, information technologies
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