Actual Problems of an Imagologiya
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Actual Problems of an Imagologiya
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In article it is about a condition of study of one of demanded in the last decades in domestic science of the interdisciplinary direction — imagologiya. Addressing the analysis of the conceptual framework, terminology, periodization, typology of an imagologiya presented as foreign (D. Pageaux, J. Leerseen), and the Russian scientists (A. R. Oshchepkov, O. Yu. Polyakov, D. A. Marshuba, S. K. Miloslavskaya, etc.) the author comes to a conclusion that the Rus-sian scientists have considerably promoted in the sphere concrete the comparative researches, especially in literary criticism and history. As for theoretical and methodological problems of an imagologiya, here efforts of domestic scientists are much more modest, than at their foreign prede-cessors. As a rule, our scientists go in a waterway at the western research-ers, or offer insufficiently reasonable and convincing concepts. There are also unresolved or debatable separate problems. The aforesaid convinces: in studying of this subject still early to put an end.
cross-cultural communication, imagologiya, typology, periodization, imagologiya terminology, historical imagologiya
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