Russia at the End of the 17th — at the Beginning of the 18th Centuries. Peter the Great
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Russia at the End of the 17th — at the Beginning of the 18th Centuries. Peter the Great
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This theme is dedicated to the era of reforms at the End of 17th — at the Beginning of 18th centuries, carried out during the reign of the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great. Giving reasons, preconditions, the main content and consequences of the transformations, which ushered in the long process of modernizing Russia. Traces the key stages of domestic and foreign policy, the creation of system to state and local government, the transformation of caste division of society, the emergence of the navy, organ to judicial control, and etc. The analyzed events became an original boundary, after which determined the movement of our country on the path of Western civilization. Lessons reform and do not lose relevance today. In the difficult times of social transformations using the experience of previous upgrades helps to avoid future mistakes.
Peter the Great, modernization, reform, college, Great Northern War, Army, Navy, Guard, Senate, province, recruit
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