Security Concept in the UK Mediterranean Strategy (the Insular and Peninsular Cases): 1969—1975
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Security Concept in the UK Mediterranean Strategy (the Insular and Peninsular Cases): 1969—1975
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This article dwells on problem of European Security in the period of Cold War. This problem gains new actuality in period from the 1968 (Invasion of Warsaw Pact forces in Czechoslovakia) to 1975 ( Helsinki Agreements ). One of most important factors in the process of creation of new system of Security in Europe were relations of Great Britain and former British colonies, Malta and Cyprus, and positions of this countries regarding the problem of global confrontation in Mediterranean and presence of NATO military bases under British command on their territory. Situation in Mediterranean was also influenced by Gibraltar and Gibraltar Pass, most important sea route after the close of Suez Channel as a result of Arab-Israeli conflict. Position of Britain the Mediterranean was the main factor for the forming of new NATO regional course, and creation of new security conception, in situation of changing balance of power, by reason of growing Soviet naval presence in the Mediterranean and decolonization process in region. Region of the Mediterranean in this period became a zone of tensions for NATO too, because of Italy and France, countries with own diplomatic stance in region. Independent political course in Mediterranean for NATO countries was the source of controversy in relations with USA, that leads to weakening of Alliance in whole and forming of new collective security conception. Article dwells on problem of forming under these factors of special political course, and related conception of security of United Kingdom, member of NATO with own diplomatic and political position.
security, cold war, Britain, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar
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