Anglomania and Anglofilstvo of Political Elite of Russia in the XVI—XVIII Сenturies
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Anglomania and Anglofilstvo of Political Elite of Russia in the XVI—XVIII Сenturies
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In article it is about penetration of elements of the British culture into the upper class of the Russian society in the XVI—XVIII centuries. This process led to origin of an Anglomania — to a worship for all English, and an anglofilstvo — tendencies in everything to maintain English interests, addiction, sympathy to all English. These phenomena were shown in economy (granting various privileges to natives from the British Isles), policy (aspiration to get support of England in foreign policy), culture (literature, education), household culture (clothes of people, smoking of tobacco, assembly). Representatives of political elite, first of all monarchs and their immediate environment became conductors of process of a westernisation of the Russian society. National bottoms resisted to this process, defending in process of forces the ethnicity, belief, culture, customs and traditions. Rejection by the people western, not least the British loans, was led to emergence in the Russian society of xenophobia.
Russia, England, XVI—XVIII centuries, Anglomania, anglofilstvo, political elite, culture, policy, education, literature, xenophobia
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