England on the Eve of the Glorious Revolution on the View of the Russian d’yak Vasilii Mihailov
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England on the Eve of the Glorious Revolution on the View of the Russian d’yak Vasilii Mihailov
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The reflection of the condition of the public opinion in England on the eve of the Glorious Revolution of 1688—1689 based on the unique document which is diplomatic account of the Russian d’yak V. M. Mihailov who visited Great Britain in the year 1686 has been thoroughly studied in the article. The author analyzed the political situation in Britain based on the comparison of information from this historical source and the accessible British documents. The last include the personal writings of the British king James II Stuart and the memoirs of his favorites. In addition the authors compares the two Russian historical sources: the Mihailov’s account and the “Diary” and letters of Scottish general on Russian serves Patrick Gordon who also was visited England in this year. Using this method the author shows how the definite episodes of this king reign reflected in these documentes. On the base of analyses of mentioned documents the author tries to defend the main directions of the inner policy of king James II Stuart and his diplomacy in Europe. The relation between the King, the political elite and the ordinary population during this period also have been investigated in the article.
V. M. Mihailov, d’yak, the diplomatic account, England, The Glorious Revolution, king James II Stuart
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