Struggling for “European Historical Consciousness”: Can a New Supranational History of Europe Teach Non-Conflict Reading of Shared History?
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Struggling for “European Historical Consciousness”: Can a New Supranational History of Europe Teach Non-Conflict Reading of Shared History?
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Drawing a line from bilateral to multilateral politics in the field of historical memory, the author analyzes contemporary all-European conciliatory handling of the past (the Second World War as «European Civil War», supranational history of Europe in the 20th century, museumification of supranational history of Europe (the House of European History project in Brussels), etc. Based on archival sources and the latest publications, he introduces to the Russian reader the Pedro Correa Martin Arroyo's term “histoeuropeanisation”. Yet fixing this new trend one experiences difficulties trying to evaluate chances to success or failure of attempts to create peaceful European past from the “top”. The author concludes that historical reconciliation threw supranational narratives and muzeum practices produces interesting non-linear results but meets obvious opposition from national and global history approaches. The question whether Russia can and should take part in the third — cultural wave of European integration — remains open and depends on the level of activities and involvement of Russian scholars and especially professional historical society into the all-European humanitarian space.
supranational history, European integration, cultural politics, historical memory, historical politics, EU, Europe, European Civil War, House of European History
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