After the Storm of 1812: Forming the Image of the Enemy in Historical Memory of the French
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After the Storm of 1812: Forming the Image of the Enemy in Historical Memory of the French
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On the basis of a wide range of sources — memoirs, diaries and private letters, the author analyzes the process of Russia's image formation in the memory of participants of Napoleon's 1812 campaign. He comes to the conclusion that full reconciliation has not taken place. Despite the absence of any mass atrocities and probably “gallantry” of military campaigns at the early XIX century (compared to the total war of XX century), created during the years of the French Revolution and the reign of Napoleon negative image of Russia remained for a long time in the historical memory French. Deprivations in everyday life (food, night quarters and weather) experienceв by the French army in Russia have been moved to the country and its inhabitants. The traditional tendency of memoirists to shift responsibility for the horrors of the non-military losses with its own command to the enemy led to the folding of sustainable myth of the hostile nature of the country and Russians. Stereotypes of barbarism and brutality of Russian soldiers updated in periods when it was necessary. So Napoleon III on the eve of and during the Crimean War, used the negative stereotypes of Russia, kept in mind of population since the days of 1812 and the presence of Russian occupation corps in France to supportrevanchism and its foreign policy. Submissions Russian soldiers image of the Frenchman as an opponent has acquired a number of archetypical features inherent to any enemy invaded Russia during its history. Reconciliation between the elites of two countries was fast enough but at the level of mass consciousness have not been taken special efforts to overcome the negative.
mutual representations, historical memory, Napoleon's Russian campaign, image of Russia, Napoleon Bonapart
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