The Economic Aspect of Detente: USSR—France (1966—1970)
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The Economic Aspect of Detente: USSR—France (1966—1970)
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France's desire to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the USSR and the countries of the socialist camp has become an important part of the French concept of detente. Visit of the President of the Fifth Republic general Charles de Gaulle to the USSR in 1966 was the starting point to a significant improvement of Soviet-French relations not only in political but also in economic spheres. Mechanism of economic cooperation, created during the visit, was unique to the Cold War time. Trade turnover between two countries for the 1966—1970 period has grown more than twice. However, despite the friendly atmosphere of cooperation, the USSR and France were not able to realize all economic potential. For France and for the Soviet Union the share of trade with each other on the total foreign trade turnover of each of the countries review amounted to only about 2 %.
Detente, Big commission, cold war, de Gaulle, L. Brezhnev
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