Non-Ferrous Metals of the USSR: Their Production and Trade in 1917—1966
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Non-Ferrous Metals of the USSR: Their Production and Trade in 1917—1966
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The statistics of Soviet non-ferrous metals production remained to be top secret until the very recent years and unavailable to researchers despite of its importance for the whole industrial development. This is why historians had to operate only estimations of the unknown reliability made by different non-Soviet authors on the base of indirect or scattered data. The current paper provides the accurate data on this production during the 50 years of the Soviet rule. The data are taken from recently declassified archives of the TsSU (Central Statistical Directorate) of the Soviet Union. The research is focused on the dynamics of Soviet non-ferrous metal production. The declassified archival data are compared with the data available for researchers previously. Also, the non-ferrous metal production is compared with the statistics of the Soviet trade revealing the periods of non-ferrous import particular importance to the Soviet economy and some tendencies in exports and imports correspondence.
non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, USSR, industry, industrialization, foreign trade, statistics, declassified archives, Central Statistical Directorate
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