Western Knowledge in a Global Context: Strategies and Tactics in the Description of the expedition up the Congo River by H. M. Stanley in 1887—1889
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Western Knowledge in a Global Context: Strategies and Tactics in the Description of the expedition up the Congo River by H. M. Stanley in 1887—1889
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The article considers the ways of representing western geographical discoveries of the Modern Age in their relation with the history of colonialism. The main attention is given to the discontinuity between criticizing the colonial forms of knowledge in the past and using the same criticism to reconsider the present-day practices of the imperial and postcolonial historical studies. An opposition of notions “strategies” and “tactics” introduced by Michel de Certeau was used as an alternative to the older pair of terms “master” and “slave” originating in the Hegelian dialectics to describe intellectual positions. At the end an interpretation of same passages from H. M. Stanley’s (“In darkest Afriсa”, 1890) is proposed as a way of including this kind of texts into the context of modern global historiography.
postcolonial studies, forms of knowledge, historiography, Michel de Certeau, Henry M. Stanley, Congo
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