“Counter-revolutionary crimes” (1935—1937): Analysis of Occurrence Frequency of the Paragraphs of Article 58 of the RSFSR Criminal Code During the Repression in the Altai Region
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“Counter-revolutionary crimes” (1935—1937): Analysis of Occurrence Frequency of the Paragraphs of Article 58 of the RSFSR Criminal Code During the Repression in the Altai Region
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This article dwells on the repressions in the Altai Region in 1935—1937 on the basis of the analysis of the occurrence thefrequency of the paragraphs of article 58 of the RSFSR criminal code. Main sources of work are the archival investigative cases stored in Altai State archive and the database of historical and educational society “Memorial”. On the results of select queries to this database tables of occurrence frequency of the paragraphs of article 58 were compiled. These tables were analyzed to identify certain trends in the repressive policy that reflected in the sentence in the paragraphs of article 58 and their combinations. Investigation cases of terror victims were used to illustrate such trends. The author came to the conclusion that as approaching to the “Great terror” (since July 30, 1937) the sentence contained increasing number of paragraphs. Proportion of charges of “armed rebellion”, “espionage”, “disruption of the industry” and creating “organized groups” went up. It was also stated that in many cases the verdict was influenced by the political past of the accused person, as well as various social and demographic characteristics.
repressions, the Altai Region, article 58 of the RSFSR Criminal Code, occurrence frequency, combinations, investigation cases of terror victims
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