Methodology of History and Its Connection with Nonclassical Scientific Paradigm
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Methodology of History and Its Connection with Nonclassical Scientific Paradigm
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The task of article consists in the study of particular features of methodology of historical discipline. The author examines the connection of history with the modern nonclassical scientific paradigm. In concordance with this paradigm the complex nonlinear historical systems having the form of temporal-place historical tendencies are characterized. The author’s attention is focused on the specific features of history. They due to the role of historical sources in history and to the attention giving on the historical events. Considerable place is given to the problems relating to historical argumentation. The role of induction in historical science is considered. The article includes the problems relating to the importance of mathematical methods and of the nonformalized historical conception in the study of temporal space historical tendencies.
methodology, nonclassical scientific paradigm, space-temporal tendencies, historical source, event, argumentation, mathematical methods in history, induction, causality
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