History and Cyberspace: Triumph of Digital Culture or the “End of History”?
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History and Cyberspace: Triumph of Digital Culture or the “End of History”?
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the article poses the issue of a correlation between the “cabinet” and internet knowledge of history, the development of new trends in the Russian domain of the world wide web. The authors analyze influence of the Year of History (2012) on development of historical web resources and education. They undertake quantitative analysis and ranking of historical blogs in the social network of Life Journal. The conclusion they come to states that development of public (popular) history in the Russian domain of internet is a natural process which reflects a general rise of interest towards this sphere of knowledge and one needs not to oppose but to establish a dialogue between the web community of amateur historians and the academic community of historians.
history, Internet, network, blogger, blogosphere, network community, public history, Life Journal, academic science
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