The Republic of the Volga Germans as a Historical Phenomenon in the Territory of the Saratov Volga Region
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The Republic of the Volga Germans as a Historical Phenomenon in the Territory of the Saratov Volga Region
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Chapter is devoted to the education, development and the elimination of the German national-territorial autonomy in the Volga. We study the underlying causes and the process of education of the Oblast of the Volga Germans in 1918, is considered part of the Germans in the Civil War in their national military units, disclosed the policy of “war communism", held in the German villages, showing its tragic consequences: massive peasant revolt and total famine, to overcome which played an important role foreign charities. The author shows the process of restoring the economic life in the years of the NEP, noting its features. We study the political processes in the German autonomy, in particular, the transformation of the autonomous region to autonomous republic. Much attention is paid to the international significance of the Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, which the Soviet leaders tried to present the German workers and peasants as an example to follow. Showing the problems of spiritual development of the Volga Germans in the 1920's. Particular attention is paid to the 1930's. The main event this time collectivization, to liquidate the traditional way of life of the former colonists. The Germans resisted fiercely to her, but to no avail. We describe the effects of collectivization in the form of poverty and hunger of the new, the problems of industrialization, the participation of Germans in the mass social movements to accelerate the building of socialism. Showing the real economic and social achievements of the republic by the end of its existence. In the subject disclosed policy of repression carried out against the population, including on ethnic grounds, shows the process of forming and strengthening of the totalitarian regime. Marked cultural contradictions: on the one hand, the brilliant achievements in education, increase in the number of educational and cultural institutions, on the other — the emasculation of national cultural content, attack on cultural traditions, "the struggle with German nationalism”. The author shows how gradually in the life and consciousness of the population of ASSR NP reinforces the principle of the Stalinist model of socialism.
Volga Germans, the autonomous oblast of the Volga Germans, the autonomous republic of the Volga Germans, Volga commissariat on German affairs, the Germans in the Civil War, “military communism”, requisitioning, hunger, “rounding" of the German oblast, restoration of the economy in the years of the NEP, collectivization, industrialization, economic, social and cultural achievements of the Volga Germans, the political repression of ASSR VG, the fight with the German nationalism
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