New Study on the History of Franco-Persian Relations: on the Work Napoleon and Persia by I. Amini

Title (other)Nouvelles recherches sur l’histoire des relations franco-perses : au sujet du livre de I. Amina, « Napoléon et la Perse »
Publication type Article
Status Published
EditionVolume 5 Issue 9 (32)
AbstractThe author of article analyzes the book of the French historian I. Amini, the first French scientific research on history of East policy of Napoleon appeared after a long break. It is noted that this work is written on the basis of careful studying of a huge number of unpublished archival documents primarily introducing into scientific circulation that allows to recognize an important merit of the author in analysis of the big diplomatic game at the beginning of the 19 century including an intricate complex of the French-Persian and Russian-Persian relations. At the same time, it’s noted also a number of the inaccuracies allowed by Amini's in his book, because of ignorance of the Russian historiography, especially, of the works of A. Ioannisyan who had in detail studied the correspondent subjects on the basis of rich archival material.
KeywordsNapoleon, international relations, Persia, I. Amini, A. R. Ioannisyan
Publication date23.12.2014
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