«Political Anthropology» French Revolution of Haim Burstin: About the Possibility of the Experience of the Historical Analysis of Revolutionary Activism

Title (other)«L’anthropologie politique» de la Révolution Française par Haim Burstin : de la possibilité d’une analyse politique de l’activisme révolutionnaire
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EditionVolume 5 Issue 9 (32)
AbstractThe article discussed a new book known French-Italian historian Haim Burstin, who studied, how entrepreneurs, inhabitants, people of the Parisian lower classes became active participants of the French Revolution. The reviewer shows how Boorstin analyzes of biographies of activists, using the new terminology of the dictionaries of sociology, psychology, medicine and even inventing a special term «protagonisme». Particular attention of historian is paid to the phenomena of the broad popular protest in Paris from July 1789 to May 1795, of the bloody violence during the uprisings, and the desire of the revolutionary elite to stop finally stream of the Revolution and complete it. Author of review shows that the Italian historian is forced to resort to the new terminology, creating artificial constructs artificially to join deft political careerists and politically illiterate people in a common notion, but leaving out of his book, two important events: massacres in the Paris prisons in September 1792 and rebellion 13 Vendemiaire in Paris.
KeywordsThe French Revolution, Haim Burstin, storming of the Bastille, march to Versailles, the flight to Varennes, Louis XVI, rebellion, insurrection, extremism, protagonism, Drouet, Maillard, Meda, Palloy
Publication date23.12.2014
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