Archival Legacy of Professor E. V. Gutnova

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EditionVolume 5 Issue 6 (29)
AbstractThe article is devoted to an overview of the archival heritage PhD, Professor of medieval history of Moscow State University Evgenia Gutnova. It lists the main parts of this archive, gives their brief description. The article also provides information about the publication of separate fragments of the archive or parts of them in print. The archive is divided into two main parts. The first one, connected with scientific activity of Prof. E. V. Gutnova, consists of research materials of a historian (manuscripts, rough copies, extracts, etc.). Special commission, had formed by the colleagues and post-graduates of Prof. Gutnova and consisted from them, dealt with this part of the archive. The results of the work were published in special research journals and in a number of the historical conferences’ materials. The second part of the archive consists of Prof. Gutnova’s private documents. The materials of this part were systematized by Prof. Gutnova herself in the last years of her life. This part of the archive contains the materials of the Professor’s dissertations as well as rough copies of the texts for the manual “Historiography of the Medieval History”. Special importance has the section of correspondence — with the relatives of Prof. Gutnova, in particular with her husband E. Gutnov (1941—1945), and with her scientific supervisor and teacher Academician E. Kosminsky (1941—1959), with colleagues and learners. The archive also contains a number of photos, devoted to professional and private life of Professor E. V. Gutnova.
Keywordsarchival heritage, medieval studies, biography, memoirs, correspondence
Publication date10.11.2014
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