The Diet of Spires, 1544: the Way to the Augsburg Religious Peace of 1555?
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The Diet of Spires, 1544: the Way to the Augsburg Religious Peace of 1555?
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The results of negotiations on religion, imperial peace and imperial law in the diets of 1542—1544 had the character of joint discussion until the act of conclusion of the Diet of Spires in 1544 made them an imperial law. The problem of imperial court as a supreme juridicial institute of the Old Empire was not settled because of the religious contradictions; the problem of providing aid for the war with the Turks was — for the Protestants — also connected with imperial tax matters. The return of the Emperor and his presence at the new diet must have solved all the numerous problems. Among of the most important subjects of the discussion were the negotiations about the aid to the Emperor for the war against the Turks and the war against France. The beginning of the negotiations showed the tendency of Imperial States to reduce financial assistance for the Habsburgs. The Protestants put the question of the assistance in the offensive war against the Turks in the connection with the question of confessional freedom in rather ultimate manner. As a result in the final act the Protestant Estates obtained the right of keeping their possessions on the basis of imperial constitution. But the consent of Imperial Estates to provide aid to the Emperor in the war against France was of special importance and was considered by many generations of historians as the diplomatic victory of the Habsburgs. However, that was a brief success. The decisions of the Imperial Diet of Spires 1544 did not give the basis to hope for the peaceful resolution of the problem of religious split in the Empire. The victory of the Emperor in the First Schmalkaldic war and the Augsburg Interim of 1548 contributed to the consolidation of the Protestants’ powers and, in the long run, resulted in the Augsburg Religious Peace of 1555.
Spires, diet, princes, Holy Roman Empire, Protestant Estates, Augsburg Religious Peace
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