E. V. Gutnova about T. N. Granovskiy
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E. V. Gutnova about T. N. Granovskiy
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In this article the publications of E. V. Gutnova about the famous Russian historian of the middle of the 19th century T. N. Granovskiy are regarded discursively. Gutnova’s memoires “Perezhitoe” is used as an instrument for decoding texts of Gutnova about Granovskiy. The ideas of the representatives of the Cambridge school (J. Pocock, Q. Skinner) were used for this analysis. They stress: in order to understand the statement it is necessary to put it into the respective context and to recognize it’s open and hidden senses. Gutnova admitted herself that conditions of the time when she had been writing her “Historiography of History of Middle Ages” made her be “careful”, some dogmas remained undisputable, and it was not possible to publish a book on historiography without taking these stereotypes into consideration. The special attention is given to his theoretical and methodological views of Granovskiy; the importance of the idea of Gutnova of his application to the positivist methodology in the last period of his work is stressed. The opinion of Gutnova on this question differed from the views of the other authors who denied positivistic character of the views of the Russian historian. It is possible that criticism of Gutnova for being too tolerant to positivism gives explanation why there was no thesis of Granovskiy as positivist historian in her later works. The main rules of “talking” about Granovskiy as historian of bourgeoisie class in the Soviet historiography are mentioned. As liberalism was considered in the Soviet social studies as antipatriotic and western-minded phenomenon, Gutnova accented the difference of Granovskiy from the “moderate western-minded liberals”. The foundations for the “approbation” of his views in Gutnova’s texts were his recognition of the role of economy, detectable marks of the class approach, criticism towards some rulers, the elements of atheistic rhetoric. The foundation for “disapproval” was Granovskiy’s critical attitude towards radical people’s movements. The source for the last is a rule of “talking” about “cowardice” of bourgeoisie. The main factors that influenced the interpretation of the views of Granovskiy by Gutnova are mentioned, including alma mater, the Moscow University.
Gutnova, Granovskiy, positivism, liberalism, discourse, Moscow University
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