Information About England in 1551—1554 According to the Final Report of the Venetian Ambassador Giacomo Soranzo
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Information About England in 1551—1554 According to the Final Report of the Venetian Ambassador Giacomo Soranzo
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The article attempts to find out the specificity of the information gained by Venetian noble Giacomo Soranzo (1518—1599) during his diplomatic mission to England in 1551—1554. While in London the Venetian ambassador became an eye-witness of changing the monarchs on the English throne. Having arrived to England in the reign of Edward VI (1547—1553), he saw the king’s death, Lady Jane’s conspiracy and accession to the throne of Mary I (1553—1558). When he came back home, Giacomo Soranzo produced a report about his diplomatic mission to the Doge and the Venetian Senate. In his report the Venetian ambassador attracted the Venice government’s attention to the features of the geographical position of England, its natural resources, climate, its main brands in the sphere of agriculture and industry, besides he gave characteristics of the English State history and its major institutions such as parliament, judicial system, the house of the English King. In his report Giacomo Soranzo particularly marked out incomes and expenses of the English crown. His report also contains information about everyday life of the English society. The Venetian diplomat gave portrait characteristics of the members of the English royal family, as well as high-ranking persons of the English state. The author of the article analyses the relazione (final report) of Giacomo Soranzo to the Venetian Senate and comes to conclusion that in his report the Venetian ambassador presented the information connected with socio-economic and socio-political features of the development of England in 1551—1554.
venetian ambassador, Giacomo Soranzo, Еngland, 16th century, final report
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