Problems of Netherlands Revolution and Struggle for National Freedom in Russian Historiography of the 19th Century
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Problems of Netherlands Revolution and Struggle for National Freedom in Russian Historiography of the 19th Century
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The article is concerned with the problem of studies of ‘the Netherlands Revolution’ in Russian historiography of the XIXth century. University professors’ scientific opinions on this subject have not been examined yet. The author shows that in the first half of the XIXth century university professors had a lot of difficulties in researching the problems of European revolutions. It was connected with political situation in Russia. Circumstances of revolutionary transformation of society seemed very dangerous to the Russian government. The history of the Netherlands’ struggle for independence had been shown in lecture courses of Moscow professor T. N. Granovsky. He wrote about the events of the Netherlands revolution more than about other European ones. Granovsky considered the Netherlands revolution first of all as the struggle for national independence. He tried to find the reasons of mass resistance to Spain. Another Moscow professor P. N. Kudryavtsev also investigated the situation in the Netherlands. He studied the dramatic episode of the struggle against the domination of Spain. In the first half of the XIXth century Russian historians couldn’t write a lot about the Netherlands revolution. In the second half of the XIXth century it became possible for Russian scientists to research the subject. The first attempt to study this theme was done by Petersburg’s professor N. I. Kareev. He studied the social history of Europe connecting it with the economic development of the continent and the ideological and political struggle. The most common feature of the researches of Russian historians in the field of the Netherlands revolution was their insurance in the revolutionary character of all the changes thar took place in the Netherlands. They considered the Netherlands revolution to be significant for all Europe and for the further development of the continent.
studies of Netherlands Revolution research, struggle for national freedom, historiography, university professors
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