«Loci communes» on the Great Siberian Post Road: Geographical Topoi of Travel Writing about Tyumen Transit Region, 1661—1912

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EditionVolume 5 Issue 8 (31)
AbstractThis article is an interpretation of the corpus of travel writing, which includes 142 personal narratives of travels through Tyumen transit region, in borderland area of Perm and Tobolsk governments, from the XVIIth to the beginning of the XXth centuries. The geographical topoi (common places) of this tradition of travel writing are shown as a joint result оf a) the evolution of the travel writing as a literary phenomenon and b) the transport history of the region.
Keywordshistorical geography, popular geographical knowledge, geographical topoi, travel writing, transport history, Western Siberia, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Tobolsk, Omsk
Publication date19.12.2014
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