Retro Concept of ” Intermarum” And Its Actualization In The Late XXth And Early XXIst Century
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Retro Concept of ” Intermarum” And Its Actualization In The Late XXth And Early XXIst Century
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Geopolitical changes in Eurasia in the late 80-es – early 90-es of the previous century have brought about revival of so called retro images in public discourse and assisted to place them into the focus of discussions among politicians and experts. By this way history has strengthened its presence on international agenda and has influenced the very process of shaping of new reality. By renewing historically based Polish-Lithuanian geopolitical retro project called during In-tra-war period as “Intermarum” with broader range border perimeter then it had been defined earlier there made vital the idea of Intermarum geopolitical space. It is considered as distinct geospatial area possessing significance for European security architecture in politics, defense and economy, and, simultaneously, playing important ideological role in public discourse of the countries situated in the region. All of these features have made “Intermarum” as the element of European identity. This fact has paved the way for new treatment of certain number of fulcrum points in defining the maritime part of the construct and founded its fulfillment in bringing to light the new version of “Intermarum” such as the project of “Three Seas” that included 1) Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas; 2) Baltic, Black and Caspian seas and 3) Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. A broad treatment of the Black Sea area and “historized” doctrine of “Intermarum” which is applied to Black and Caspi-an seas has opened a window to new geospatial construction under the title of the “Wider Black Sea/Caspian Area (WBSCA)”, that pointed out significance of this “Intermarum” space both as transport corridor and strategic space of “broad region”. So called Baltic-Black sea – Caspian-Mediterranean geoconstruction has been made of the combination of several projects and aimed to consolidate different parts of this wide space. New idea of “Intermarum” demonstrates its comple-tion in geographical shape because it embraces the broad space from Baltic to Black and Caspian Seas. As it was declared in 2006 at the Tbilisi conference by its participants, who were the members of parliaments from the states united in Commonwealth of Democratic Choice, the Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian region represents “united European and Euro-Atlantic space”. The paper analyses cor-respondence of old plans to new reality with reference to existing documentary materials and with strong emphasis on juxtaposing of retro projects with current geospatial plans of “New Regions”.
Intermarum, Eurasia, geo project, geospatial concept, retro image, communications and political development, world-system doctrines, Polish-Lithuanian geopolitical retro project, Black Sea
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