History of Latvia of the first half of the 1940s in modern Latvian historiography
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History of Latvia of the first half of the 1940s in modern Latvian historiography
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This paper presents a comprehensive survey of historical works – monographs, articles, conference papers, collections of historical sources, etc., which are devoted to the crucial period in the history of Latvia – 1940–1945. Historiographic material, which is in the focus of author’s attention, represents the mainstream in the present-day academic research of the history of Latvia, namely modern Latvian historiography that came into existence with the restoration of independence of Latvia in 1991. In order to make an in-depth analysis of this extensive historiographic material and to reveal specific features of the modern Latvian historiography of the history of Latvia in 1940-1945, the following aspects are examined: the essence and conceptual foundations of historical studies conducted in Latvia since 1991, the structure of historiographic material, the role of research institutions in investigation of the modern history of Latvia (in this respect, the role of the Commission of Historians of Latvia should be especially distinguished), concrete interpretations of historical facts, etc. The historiographic survey shows that many important aspects of the history of Latvia in 1940-1945 (Holocaust in Latvia, annexation of Latvia and incorporation into the Soviet Union in 1940, mass deportation in 1941, Latvia under the rule of Nazi Germany, collaboration in Latvia during the Nazi rule, etc.) have been studied intensively in the modern Latvian historiography. The lesser progress has been made in the field of investigation of such problems and aspects as the change of powers in Latvia in 1941 and in 1944/45, the Latvian national resistance movement during World War II, Latvians’ sentiments and attitudes towards alien powers, and the initial phase of the resumed Sovietization of Latvia after World War II.
modern Latvian historiography, Latvia, the Soviet Union, Germany, World War II, occupation, Holocaust, repressions, national resistance movement, collaboration, Sovietization
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