The laws of 7th-century kings of Kent in Textus Roffensis: Their origin and structure
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The laws of 7th-century kings of Kent in Textus Roffensis: Their origin and structure
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The author analyzes the earliest English judicial texts, the laws of Kentish kings (c. 601—c. 696) which survived in an early 12th-century manuscript, Textus Roffensis. The paper attempts to solve some crucial issues concerning these laws: their dating, localization as much as their structural division. Special attention is paid to the reconstruction of the exemplars of Textus Roffensis’ judicial texts such as Kentish laws (f. 1r—8v) and the law-code of Alfred and Ine (f. 9r—31v). The author analyzes some codicological features of f. 1r—31v, especially alterations in these folios, and concludes that there were two different exemplars of these two parts of Textus Roffensis.
Anglo-Saxon England, Kent, Wessex, laws, palaeography, codicology, Textus Roffensis
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