Issue S23
Africa in World History: from the Colonial Era to the Present
Volume: 14
Publication date: 24.06.2023
500 RUB / 10.0 SU


The specialized issue of “ISTORIYA” is dedicated to Africa, a continent with a rich and diverse history. Occupying the second largest place on Earth after Eurasia and possessing a significant and still growing population, colossal natural resources, nowadays Africa is one of the most difficult, problematic and, at the same time, one of the most promising regions of the planet. It is not surprising that the problems related to the history and modernity of the countries of this continent arouse unflagging interest from both the public and the academic community.

The articles included in the issue touch upon various issues of the past and present of Africa, among which are the difficult problems of the history and theory of colonialism, European penetration and domination on the continent during the colonial era, the fate of certain African countries under the external domination, pressure, during the independent period. Serious attention is paid to the relations of our country (in various periods of its history) with the countries of Africa, the special, positive nature of these relations is emphasized. Among the topics covered, the problems of neocolonialism and new forms of external influence on African countries, their exploitation, as well as ways and options to overcome this impact, are highlighted.

The issue may be of interest to specialists in the history, culture, politics, economics of African countries, the academic community, the whole learned society.

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