Issue 5 (115)
Personality — Society — Culture
Volume: 13
Publication date: 29.07.2022
920 RUB / 10.0 SU


This issue publishes research by Russian scientists on issues related to the personality in the life of Western European and Russian society of the distant and near past and the creative role of the personality in it, and also aimed at comprehending historical facts correlating with personality in the context of pan-European history, politics and culture. In the field of view of researchers are biographical facts of famous politicians, statesmen, diplomats, human rights activists, historians and writers; the experience they gained not only during the key events of their life, but also throughout their lives; features of the creative heritage and various kinds of discursive concepts. The attention of researchers is also focused on aspects related to the activity of the individual, which were contributed to the formation in the society of this individual’s time of the fundamental scientific and cultural traditions which are in demand in a transformed form today. Solving the tasks set, the authors of the issue involve and discuss a wide range of sources and archival materials, offer new concepts which stimulate further scientific studies and discussions, involve traditional and innovative methods and approaches, apply new research methods and practices which contribute to the development of modern scientific knowledge.

Issue publications 5 (115)
Personality — Society — Culture
Actual Problems of Modern Source Studies