Issue 2 (112)
Border Regions in Critical Historical Epochs
Volume: 13
Publication date: 30.04.2022
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The articles presented in this issue are based on scientific reports made at All-Russia Research-to Practice Conference “Dichotomy of War and Peace: Boarder Regions in Life-Changing Epochs” which was held at Pskov State University in December 2020 with support from “History of Russia” Fund. The partners of Pskov State University were the Institute for US and Canadian Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Academic University for the Humanities.

The declared subject of the conference is becoming more crucial, if one takes into consideration that borderline regions play a special role in the system of national security of any state. Military, political, economic, ecological, informational and many other components of national security come into sharp focus on the borderline territories, forming a special type of border region dweller, whose mental paradigm is centered around this strong sense of belonging to the state and the interests of the state are regarded as personally significant. These aspects require scientific research (and in some cases a complete rethink) taking into account world-wide historic experience and present-day developments.

The articles encompass theoretical academic questions revealing different aspects of border and border-zone phenomenon, processes and developments in various historic periods on the borderline territories of Russia and foreign countries in regional, all-Russia and world-wide dimensions.

Issue publications 2 (112)
The Border through the Prism of History and Modernity
Borderlands as a Socio-Cultural Phenomenon
Images of the Borderlands
Russia and Neighboring States