Issue 1 (111)
Publicity as a Factor in Development of the Medieval and Early Modern Western European Statehood
Volume: 13
Publication date: 15.02.2022
920 RUB / 10.0 SU


This issue consists of the papers read at the panel “Publicity as a factor in development of the Medieval and Early Modern Western European statehood” which was held within the First Saint Petersburg’s Historical Forum and was preceded by Nina Chachaturyan (Lomonosov Moscow State University) and Sergey Fyodorov (Saint Petersburg State University). The panel was organized by research group “Power and Society” founded and lead for last few decades by late Professor Nina Chachaturyan. The issue contains a block of studies of renowned experts from leading universities and academic institutions of Russian Federation. The thematic rage of the publications is comprised of theoretical considerations illuminating some perspective research of power relations and phenomenon of power in the Middle Ages and Early Modern time. The issue is also intended to highlight a dynamic of statewide and regional public institutions as well as areal particularities of institutional, intellectual, ceremonial, and systemic interaction between different social groups and the supreme power. The shared purpose of this volume is to illuminate a main trend of developments of supreme power in Medieval and Early modern statehood as a growth of its public character.

Issue publications 1 (111)
Jean Bodin: State, Law, Society in Early Modern Times