Issue 11 (109)
Actual Problems of Contemporary History: to the Anniversary of Academician Alexander Chubaryan
Volume: 12
Publication date: 05.12.2021
820 RUB / 10.0 SU


This issue of the journal is dedicated to the anniversary of the outstanding historian, scientist and organizer of science, academician Alexander Chubaryan, widely known in Russia and abroad. For decades of his fruitful scientific activity the focus of the researcher has been on the history of Europe, international relations, and relations between Russia and other European countries.

In this sense, the content of the issue largely correlates with the field of scientific interests of Alexander Chubaryan. These articles, very diverse in topics, somehow relate to the basic problems of Modern and Contemporary history. So, the complex, nonlinear processes of the development of international relations, contacts and ties between states and societies are considered, revealing both examples of building fruitful constructive mutually beneficial cooperation, strengthening mutual understanding, and, on the contrary, mutual alienation. The role of ideas in public life, the options and boundaries of the influence of certain religious and secular forms of collective consciousness on the development of society, transformation and refraction of traditional ideas in the era of mass society are investigated. Another important topic has become the challenges of the turbulent era of our time with its globalization, digitalization and other profound transformations of social life.

A special section has been composed of articles in which the emphasis is placed on the questions of methodology, historiographic approaches, new materials in the study of topical issues of historical science.

Editors: Andrey Larin, Alexander Glazov, Georgy Filatov. Photo: Olga Okuneva

Issue publications 11 (109)
To the Anniversary of Academician Alexander O. Chubaryan
States and Societies on the Path to Mutual Understanding: Confrontation, Dialogue, Cooperation
Religious Ideas and Secular Ideologies: Forms and Options of Influence on Society
Challenges and Threats of Our Time: Social Reality and World Order on the Eve of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Historiography and Methodology: New Approaches of Researchers