Issue 10 (108)
Russia and the North Caucasus: Actual Problems of Common History
Volume: 12
Publication date: 15.11.2021
1000 RUB / 10.0 SU


The issue is dedicated to the history of the North Caucasus as a part of the Russian state in the 18th — 21st centuries. The published articles discuss the consequences of the North Caucasus incorporation into Russia, the contradictions of modernization and integration processes in the region, heroic and tragic events in the history of its peoples sometimes preserving their traumatic character. Among the authors, there are researchers from scientific and educational institutions not only from the Central Russia, but also from all the North Caucasus regions, as well as from other countries. Therefore, the issue can serve as a good case in point of a joint search for answers to debatable questions of the common history by representatives of various scientific schools and trends.

The structure of the issue includes four main sections. The first presents three articles, the authors of which consider the process of formation of historical knowledge about the North Caucasus, the possibility of developing a common approach to the study of its history (A. H. Borov), the formation of national Caucasian studies (T. A. Kolosovskaya and D. S. Tkachenko) and the results of modern studies of the demographic, historical and anthropological consequences of wars and armed conflicts for the region population (E. F. Krinko).

Articles of the second, largest section characterize various aspects of the incorporation of the North Caucasus peoples into the administrative-legal and sociocultural space of the Russian Empire (Sh. A. Magaramov, A. H. Abazov, R. M. Begeulov, O. V. Matveev), the population migration during and after the Caucasian War (A. T. Urushadze), transformation of relations and preservation of traditions in mountain societies (A. K. Cheucheva, M. B. Gimbatova). Much attention is paid to the activities of the imperial administration in the social policy (P. A. Kuzminov), education (A. Yu. Peretyatko, N. A. Trapsh, O. I. Shafranova), formation of a new symbolic space (N. V. Dmitrieva).

The next section includes articles that reveal the history issues of the North Caucasus in the context of social and political transformations of the 20th century — Civil War (A. S. Puchenkov, T. H. Matiev), national-state transformations within the first Soviet decades (A. V. Averyanov and A. E. Batyrov), the Great Patriotic War (A. I. Tetuev, A. Yu. Bezugolny). It also presents publications on the situation of the inhabitants of the North Caucasus in the special settlement and the reflection of their fates in memoirs (A. S. Musagalieva, E.-B. M. Guchinova).

The fourth section consists of articles based on materials from the North Caucasus in the 1990s — 2000s, they are dedicated to socio-political processes (A. D. Osmaev, С. Drue), the religious situation (N. V. Kratova), historical memory and symbolic politics (V. A. Sсhnirelman, E. M. Goryushina).

Issue publications 10 (108)
Formation of Historical Knowledge about the North Caucasus: Studies, Approaches and Solutions
The Peoples of the North Caucasus in the Administrative and Legal and Socio-Cultural Space of the Russian Empire
The North Caucasus in the Conditions of Social and Political Transformations of the 20th Century
In Search of Answers to the Challenges of Modernity: Political Transformations and Historical Memory
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