Issue 7 (105)
The Mediterranean, the European North and the Baltic Sea Region: Big Strategies and Small States
Volume: 12
Publication date: 16.08.2021
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Since ancient times, the seas not only divided countries and tribes, but also were space in which peoples and civilizations entered into contacts, carried out cultural and trade exchanges, and often went to war against each other. For Europe, the areas where such relations were particularly active were traditionally Scandinavia and the Baltics in the north and the Mediterranean in the south. This issue of the Journal is devoted to the history of international interaction in these regions. Evolution of international relations in the countries of Northern Europe, the Baltic States and the Mediterranean, the peculiarities of their internal political and interethnic development, migration processes and intercultural interaction in these regions are reviewed in articles of the issue. The authors offer a new way of looking at the history and formation of foreign policy strategies of small European states in the context of global international processes.

Issue publications 7 (105)
The Mediterranean is a Territory of Cross-Cultural Contacts and Conflicts
The European North and the Baltic Sea region: Big Strategies and Small States
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