Issue 6 (104)
Macrosystem of Empires: Transfer of Ideas, Practices, Institutions in the 19th — 20th Centuries
Volume: 12
Publication date: 19.07.2021
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The present issue of the journal is devoted to imperial history, taken in a broad context. The new history of empires is a significant and relevant direction in modern historiography, within the framework of which a wide variety of issues related to the peculiarities of the emergence, evolution and disintegration (or transformation) of empires as a special form of life of the state and society are discussed.

The attention of researchers was drawn to various issues, including: inter-imperial transfer, application of each other's experience; various ways of imperial self-representation, formulation and translation of the imperial myth, implementation of imperial policy in practice; features of interaction and coexistence of empires in the international arena, their foreign policy. A special section of articles is devoted to a complex set of problems related to the emergence and transformation of identities, the correlation and mutual influence of national and regional identities, the refraction of collective identities in the prism of individual personal experience.

Finally, Varia includes publications mainly related to current political issues of our time: from the peculiarities of the evolution of Russian legislation to the problems of digital reality, information wars and Internet activism.

Issue publications 6 (104)
Transfer of Ideas and Reception of Others’ Experience in State and Public Practices of the 19th — 20th Centuries
Empire in Its Ideological and Practical Aspects
Foreign Policy, Diplomacy and Transformation of International Relations in the 18th — 20th Centuries
4. National, Regional and Individual Identity: Correlation and Changes in Complex Societies
Scholarly Life