Issue 4 (102)
Culture — Science — Education: Problems and Challenges
Volume: 12
Publication date: 17.05.2021
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The present issue of the journal publishes the studies by Russian scholars that are focused on culture, science and education in civilized societies viewed in wide geographic (the West — Russia — the East) and chronological (Antiquity — Contemporaneity) contexts. The authors analyse the discussions about the classical idea of university and its influence on the formation of university communities in Western Europe and in North America, and study particular Russian educational practices seen as an incentive for the emergence of a professional community.

A number of articles is focused on the analysis of social, political or philosophical ideas and discursive concepts (and the search for their roots and ways of development) produced by one or a group of authors from the distant, or not so distant past. The scholars also pay attention to the study of relationships between people both in the context of their private lives, and their public activities within their societies, and on the level of national and international politics.

In their studies the authors of the present articles work with varied sources, offer new concepts, which would stimulate further discussions and research, employ traditional and innovative methods and approaches, reconstruct research practices of the scholars from the past that helped develop contemporary schools of research.

Issue publications 4 (102)
Culture — Science — Education: Problems and Challenges