Issue 1 (99)
British Research in Russia: Traditions and Innovations
Volume: 12
Publication date: 31.01.2021
1000 RUB / 10.0 SU


This issue of the journal contains articles by Russian specialists in British history. They reflect the peculiarities of the current state of Russian Anglo-Science, which is a combination of tradition and innovation. The authors' articles characterize the further development of traditional research areas, as well as the search for new approaches to the problems and methodology, appeal to interdisciplinary research (new social history, historical description, cultural studies, comparativistics, jurisprudence, etc.). The authors pay considerable attention to the source problem, attracting materials not only from English, but also from a number of other European countries (France, Sweden). The main problem is focused on the problems of socio-political and cultural history of Britain from the Middle Ages to the present day, which allows us to identify the dynamics and trace the connection between the processes significant for the history of British society, taking place in politics, society and culture.

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