Issue 6 (92)
Practical Usages of Writing. Representation of Social Groups
Volume: 11
Publication date: 30.07.2020
1000 RUB / 10.0 SU


The first section of the issue is dedicated to practical usages of writing from the Middle Ages up to the 20th century (ed. by Timofey Guimon). The authors analyze specific bearers of business texts (such as the plaster of church walls and liturgical books in Old Rus, parchment and paper rolls in medieval England), particular groups of business texts (acts of the Scottish parliament, records of cadaster, investigation, and wedding in the Muscovite State), probable mentions of business texts in narrative sources (zhaloba in Rus chronicles), texts being on the boundary between documental and literary (Icelandic Landnámabók, epistles of Rus ecclesiastics, school textbooks), practices of record keeping in certain agencies (Soviet notariate of the 1920s, commissions on minors’ affairs of 1918 — the early 1930s, commissions for the investigating of Nazi’s crimes), complexes of archival documents important for certain historical topics (the ruling of Finland in the early 20th-century Russian Empire, the cultural links between the USSR and Italy). The second section of the issue (ed. by Yulia Arnautova and Olga Togoeva) is dedicated to various forms of representation of social groups.

Issue publications 6 (92)
Practical Usages of Writing
Representation of Social Groups
Scholarly Life