Issue 4 (90)
Men at War
Volume: 11
Publication date: 13.06.2020
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The articles that are brought together in this issue of the journal discuss different aspects of the theme of “men at war”. Most follow the methodology of military-historical anthropology, which is a growing sub-field of historical research today. Based on evidence drawn from a chronological period of nearly a thousand years, stretching from the 11th century to the 20th century, they show how ideological and psychological propaganda has been used in different epochs, both to break the enemy’s will to resist and to raise the morale of their own troops. Or they look at aspects of daily life during periods of military conflict, analyse relations between foreign troops and civilian populations in occupied territories, and reflect on the specificity of war memories for subsequent generations. These reflections are applied not only to international conflicts but also to civil wars which have distinct characteristics of their own.

Issue publications 4 (90)
Mental and Sensory Experience in Cultural Practices of the Past