Issue 2 (88)
Russian Abroad: Charity, Culture, Science
Volume: 11
Publication date: 28.03.2020
1000 RUB / 10.0 SU


This year marks the 100-th anniversary of the tragic split that broke the Russian society. Hundreds of thousands of our compatriots were forced to leave their Motherland, most of them unprepared to live in foreign lands. Many of the immigrants were unable or did not know how to earn a living: disabled and old people, women, children… Existing Russian charity organizations were carefully preserved abroad, and many new ones were created. They served as a base, a firm foundation on which the “Russian Abroad” rested, and their history is a topic of this issue.

The issue is focused on the humanitarian dimension of Russian immigrants’ existence in the interwar period: the activities of the Red Cross, nurses’ communities in various countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America, the work of individual members of the Russian medical community for the benefit of their compatriots and charity efforts of organizations and individuals to help fellow Russian immigrants. Some of the articles are devoted to the history of culture and science of the Russian Diaspora.

Issue publications 2 (88)
Charity traditions in the Russian abroad
People of Russian Abroad in Helping Their Compatriots
Culture and Science of the Russian Abroad